Alexa skill Radio Browser - TuneIn alternative

Alexa Skill Radio Browser
Radio Browser Skill

The Alexa Radio Skill with your own favorites list.

Select stations from a database of 27,000 entries.
Listen to Internet radio stations in many languages and from many countries. Select by language, country, keyword or station name.

The selection of stations in the favorites list is done by number, or zapping.
Perfect for foreign Internet radio stations, or for web radio whose names Alexa and TuneIn can not recognize correctly.

Alexa RadioBrowser Skill can also play private HTTP Icecast streams. RadioBrowser is an alternative for TuneIn when it comes to unencrypted HTTP streams. Only a few skills can play internet radio without SSL.

"Alexa Radio Browser" – Immediately starts the last played Internet radio station.

During playback: "Alexa next" or "Alexa previous" - move through the favorites list .

"Alexa tell Radio Browser 5" - Switches directly to the web radio under favorite number 5.

When switching, the name of the station is read out first. After that, the playback starts. However, you also have the option of changing the name or deleting it completely. In this case, the name is not read out, but the playback of the radio stream starts directly. This function is very important for Internet radios whose language does not support Alexa. The station name is first taken from the Radio Browser database when it is inserted. If the name is too long you can shorten it. If the name has unreadable characters, then you can enter a transcription.

Radio stations are added to the Radio Browser Skill from a database. You don't have to worry about the radio streaming URLs. Also the icons of the radio stations are automatically taken over database (important for devices with screen or for the Alexa app).

You can also insert a custom streaming address by hand. e.g. from your own stream that you stream to the Internet from home, or if the desired web radio is not included in the Radio Browser database, but you know the streaming URL.

If you like the skill, donate something, or write a good review on Amazon.

Therefore, if something is not working, please let me know via the contact form.

Log on and edit channel list

"Alexa ask radio browser for password"

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Alexa Skill Radio Browser Default Station List

1 Dance Wave!
2 Radio Paradise (320k)
3 SomaFM Groove Salad
4 #1980s Zoom
5 Deep House Lounge
6 Beatles Radio
7 Dance Wave Retro!
8 .977 80s
9 Ambient Sleeping Pill
10 BBC Radio 4
11 Classic FM UK
12 .977 Hitz
13 Cryosleep
14 SomaFM Secret Agent
15 Bassdrive
16 Infowars
17 BBC World Service
18 Fox News Radio
19 Reggae Radio
20 .977 Country
21 181.FM - Old School HipHop/RnB
22 KEXP 90.3 Seattle, WA
23 LBC Radio
24 SomaFM Underground 80s
25 Ghana Music Radio
26 talkSPORT
27 Radio Caroline
28 Linn Jazz
29 Your Classical - Relax
30 VOA Voice of America Global English
31 .977 Smooth Jazz
32 SomaFM Drone Zone 128k MP3
33 SomaFM Space Station Soma (AAC)
35 RTÉ Radio 1
36 SomaFM Deep Space One 128k AAC+
37 LBC London (National stream)
38 AP Radio News
39 Planet Rock
40 SomaFM Left Coast 70s
41 TuneIn - Hot Hip Hop and R&B
42 1.FM - Deep House Radio
43 Heart London 106.2 [MP3]
44 SomaFM PopTron
45 SomaFM Lush
46 talkRADIO
47 BBC Radio 2
48 Capital FM London
49 Outlaw Country Radio
50 Frisky
51 .977 Oldies
52 .977 The Mix
53 1.FM - Chillout Lounge Radio
55 Chill Out Zone
56 BBC World Service
57 SomaFM Beat Blender
58 Disco Studio 54
59 Linn Classical
60 NPR 24 Hour Program Stream
61 Asempa FM 94.7 Accra
62 TuneIn - Classic Hip Hop
63 Okay 107.7 FM
64 Jazz Lounge
65 1.FM - Absolute Country Hits Radio
66 Joint Radio Reggae
67 Best Smooth Jazz [BSJ] BSJ.FM
68 .977 Comedy
69 Newstalk
70 WNYC-FM 93.9 New York Public Radio
71 SomaFM Indie Pop Rocks!
72 Kiss UK
73 CNN Radio
74 SomaFM The Trip
75 Big R Radio - 80s Metal FM
76 SomaFM Metal Detector (128k AAC)
77 1.FM - Blues Radio
78 Smooth Radio
79 ABC NewsRadio MP3
80 24/7 Bach
81 BBC Radio 1
82 SomaFM Suburbs of Goa (AAC)
83 181.FM - Highway 181
84 Homeboyz Radio
85 NME 1 - Classic & New Indie Alt
86 Digital Impulse - Ambient Nature Sounds
87 Free FM Bombay
88 LBC London (London stream) AAC
89 Live Events
90 1.FM - Classic Rock Replay Radio
91 1.FM - Amsterdam Trance Radio
92 BBC Radio 5 Live
93 SomaFM Sonic Universe 192k MP3
94 Blue Marlin Ibiza Radio
95 One Love Hip Hop Radio
96 Chilltrax
97 Classic Rock Florida HD
98 BBC Radio 6 Music
99 1.FM - Bay Smooth Jazz Radio
100 Nigeria Info

Call up specific radio station with a single word

This is also possible with the use of routines via the Alexa app.
Open the Alexa app and select menu item "More" (bottom left).
Click on menu item "Routines."
Via "+" sign (top right) you can create new routine.
At the menu item "when the following happens", please select "Voice" and enter a word or phrase. For example, I entered the word "karamba".
In the menu item "Add action" please take the first entry, "Custom" and enter: "tell radio browser station four".
After the routine is activated, it is enough to say "Alexa Karamba" and Alexa will play the radio station that was stored under number 4.


Question: I have entered a radio station. The name is announced, but it does not play.
Answer possible causes:
1. URL is not a streaming address, but address of the webplayer. (Alexa can not play html web pages).
2. URL is a wrong built playlist. Try to download playlist and open it with text editor. It contains correct streaming address.

You can ask me for help via contact form. I will try to find the right radio station address for you. (If I get too many requests, I will delete this message).
I usually answer within 24 hours.

Alexa Radio Skill mit benutzerdefinierte Senderliste und Livestream URL Adressen I hope you understand that I did not create the data bank. And of course I could not check all the radio stations for compatibility with Alexa.
Therefore, if you can not listen to the radio station at the first attempt, you need to understand what the reason is.
The easiest way to check the functionality of the URL is to paste the URL into the address bar of your browser.
If the browser's built-in player opens and starts playing the stream, that's a good sign. The built-in browser player looks like this:

If it opens a web page, this is a bad sign. Such a URL will not work in Alexa.
In this case you will need to extract the real address of the stream from this page. How to do this I will describe below.

The second option is that you put the URL in the address bar of your browser and it downloads automatically some file . Most likely it's a PLS or M3U playlist. You can find such a file in your download folder. Open this file with any text editor and you will see real Stream links inside.
Amazon Alexa documentation describes that the Alexa devices can play the following formats AAC, MP4, MP3, PLS, M3U, M3U8, HLS.
But I found that the playlist link PLS works only with my Echo DOT 3. And does not work on my Alexa app in the smartphone and in my TV.
So it still seems to depend on the device what works and what doesn't.

Question: I made a favorite list for Alexa.Worked great for a while.Then it stopped working and and now only plays standard list! Here I can still see my created playlist.

Answer: It happens when the skill is deactivated once and then reactivated. Thereby the skill gets new ID. And the program can't find the playlist in the database anymore.
You can see hier your old playlist. In that case write me via contact form and I will try to restore your playlist.

Alexa Radio Skill with favorites list and database with 27000 internet radio stations. Can also HTTP URLs